Why Choose Melbourne Asset Management

Melbourne Asset Management are specialist rental property managers, this means we are 100 % focussed on rental property management. We lease and manage rental properties in most Melbourne metropolitan suburbs.


We want your business and look forward to the opportunity to be of service.


*  We are open 7 days per week.


*  We provide a 24 hour contact phone number answered by one of our own property managers.


*  We provide a written Service Guarantee. Please see our property owner's handbook for more details.


*  All advertised property open for inspections are for a minimum of half hour duration. Most other agents open properties for five to fifteen minutes. If there is a bit of extra traffic – prospective tenants miss the open and you miss out leasing your property.


*  We provide a free comprehensive Property Owners Handbook to help guide you through the property leasing and management process. Please download your copy from our home page.


*  Your property condition report includes a DVD and a disk with digital photos at no extra charge to ensure greater tenant accountability for the condition of your property.


*  Free corflute For Lease Signage.


*  All property inspections are with a qualified staff member - we do not hand out keys. Potential tenants can inspect your property 7 Days a Week – and when available outside of traditional working hours,  therefore your property is leased faster.


*  All rental monies received are dispersed to your bank account within 24 hours of receipt.


*  We offer “24/7 Property Manager” where you can access your property tenancy details online including income statements, all pending property inspections, maintenance reports plus more.

24 Hours a day, 7 days a week.


*  We invite you to attend all regular routine property inspections and provide a full written report.

*  We manage properties in all Melbourne Metropolitan Suburbs - therefore as your investments grow we can manage your whole portfolio, all over Melbourne.


*  Free Rental Appraisal with annual written reviews to ensure you are receiving the correct market rent for your property.


*  All properties are advertised on the 4 highest ranked websites