Sell / Purchase Property

Selling Your Property

Melbourne Asset Management do not sell properties but we are in the best position to liaise and negotiate on your behalf with the best specialist agents in each area, to get you the best outcome in relation to sale price, fees and services provided.

It is always preferred that we are involved in the sale of your property to ensure your tenant is fully aware of their obligations and expectations and in no way are a hinderance to the sale of your property. We are able to co-ordinate all inspection times and the presentation of your property to ensure an exceptional outcome.

Your tenant will also be more comfortable to deal with staff they are already familiar with.
We are happy to provide a current sales appraisal of the value of your property at any time.

Buying a Property

Prior to purchasing a rental property, we are happy to provide a free independent appraisal as to the expected rental value, purchase price and suitability of a prospective property. We have access to many databases showing sales data of Victorian properties supported by many years of experience in property to ensure you pay a fair and marketable price. We recommend a professional building inspection prior to purchase.

Please contact us on 1300 520530 or use our Contact Us link prior to buying or considering selling your property and we can offer our obligation free independent advice.